TO MENU

        I’ll make this short and sweet so you can get on to the fun part, the photos. The past year has been incredibly challenging, but oh so rewarding. I graduated college, spent the summer in California, and moved to New York City in the Fall. I was able to grow personally, actively trying to be a better person, and professionally, create work for people that they love and that I feel confident in giving them. I’m beyond thankful for the past 365 days, the people it has brought into my life, the -insanely beautiful- places it has taken me, and for all the obstacles I have faced that made me more resilient.

        Peace out 2016, WHATS UP 2017, I’M READY TO OWN YOU.

        Please listen to this song (to get all the feels) while you scroll.

        Inspired doesn’t even come close to how these photos made me feel, and pairing it with Where’s My Love was perfection. Plus the edits and consistency of your photos are simply breathtaking. You crushed 2016, I can not wait to see what you create in 2017!

        Beautiful beautiful. What a wonderful year you had!! <3

        I fell in love with your work before I even knew it was you. I came across some of the photographs you took of the older couple a while back and kept seeing it thinking “They sure got themselves one talented photographer!” And to think, it was you all along, how lovely to have been able to see more of your work, and to fall in love with it all over again!

        oh gosh, catherine. these are absolutely beautiful. i love the light in all of them + genuine emotion! all these moments you captured made me smile and remind me why i love weddings so much! amazing job, and the song was perfect for all of them.

        OK you’re officially one of my photographer crushes. I am so inspired by your work!! You capture such lovely in between moments and your editing is magic UGH

        These are so damn magical! You are so talented! Every single image looks like it was handbag painted! What a beautiful year!

        1,000x obsessed with you

        Absolutely stunning photos, Catherine! What a year! I’m inspired. Keep going and sharing your beautiful art with the world!

        CATHERINE. You’re darned good, it’s ridiculous! Oh man, this is pure gold. My eyeballs are drooling.