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        Emma & Dilan (of The Marions) renewed their vows after 5 years of marriage surrounded by the biggest, most beautiful Redwood trees I’ve ever seen. This has been a dream of theirs for so long, and when they asked me to come along with them on this adventure I could hardly contain my excitement.

        We drove from San Francisco to Eureka and once we arrived we started on the trail searching for the perfect spot to exchange vows. It was warm, sunny, and the speckled afternoon light streaming into the forest made it feel like a dream. We shared many laughs, tears, and stories together and I was so deeply reminded of my intentions behind my work. It’s the connections with my couples and the friendships we form. Thank you Emma & Dilan for taking me along and letting me document your love – your love will outlive those ancient redwoods, no doubt.



        I lost my words. This is seriously amazing. I love everything about it. Beautiful setting, light the couple and your editing.